Parish Council and Finance Committee Members

Our Parish Council generally meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the parish hall.

Our Responsibilities include:
- Providing budget and financial reports and monitoring the financial health of the parish;    
- Providing and coordinating Religious Education and Youth Ministry; which includes First Communion, Confirmation, children's masses and retreats.
- Parish media and advertising
- Providing for the reverent celebration of our masses and Eucharist; which includes lectors, Extraordinary ministers of Eucharist, altar servers and choral servers.   
- Providing for special masses and services and decorations.
- Social gatherings
- Outreach to friends, family and neighbors, coordinating volunteer services and Salvation Army Dinners

If you have any questions or would like to bring an item to the attention of the council, please contact Council Chair Colleen Armstrong or any of the other council members:

Fr. David Cray SSE (Pastor)
John Mitchell (Chair)
Colleen Armstrong
Eric Brunvand
Michael Cazayoux
Marie Cookson
Eileen Curtis
Bob Danyow
David Duffy
Jeff Fillardi
Tricia Sulva

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